John McGuinness - Landscape Montage - TT 2007 - 16 x 12 Autographed Print

  • £49.99

This is our very own Extreme Art and Gadgets limited edition print of the 130mph man John McGuinness. The 23 time TT winner and Extreme Art and Gadgets sponsored John McGuinness smashed his way into the record books with an average lap speed 130.354 mph during the senior race of Centenary week. The images include John tearing round the Veranda, tackling the tricky Quarter Bridge, deep concentration on the start line prior to the senior race and flying through the Bungalow section of the course, once again during his record breaking race. These prints have been created due to popular demand and are strictly limited to 250, John signed them on 26th of September 2007 in his Morecambe home. The truly is a great print and would be a fantastic addition for any motorsport fan.